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Modern Pergola Kits

A modern pergola kit in either fiberglass or vinyl is a durable, low-maintenance option for those with contemporary taste. Clean lines and right angles will frame your outdoor space perfectly. A modern outdoor patio pergola provides an ideal setting for entertaining and relaxing.

Yesterday's style doesn't belong in many of today's spaces, and it doesn't take long to notice that modern pergolas are becoming the preferred choice for architects, designers, and homeowners. Upscale hotels and homes often use our pergola kits as the centerpiece of their plan. Easy to assemble and customize, these pergolas will impress your visitors but save you money on installation.

All of our modern pergolas can be freestanding or attached to your house or other building.

Vinyl Modern Pergolas vs Fiberglass Modern Pergolas

While similar, our vinyl and fiberglass have some key differences. If you want a short lead time, our vinyl modern pergolas can be shipped out in two weeks, while our contemporary fiberglass pergolas have a lead time of four to six weeks.

The vinyl pergolas are the best choice if you want more consistent shade regardless of their position to the sun. The fiberglass modern pergolas features slanted louvers at forty-five degrees, which results in total coverage from one angle and lots of space from another.

If you need a custom color, a fiberglass pergola is a better choice. We offer them in virtually any color, and the result is a satin or matte finish.

A longer span than 16 feet will also be better served with fiberglass. Our vinyl modern pergolas would require more than two columns on that side to span past that distance, while our fiberglass contemporary pergolas can easily span twenty feet with two columns per side.

Modern Pergolas for Sale

Whether your looking for a mid century modern pergola or you'd rather take your design into the twenty-first century, our modern pergolas are an ideal choice. Shade never looked so stylish! 

Modern Fiberglass Pergola with Fixed Louvers

$12,991.60 $13,641.18
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