Custom Pergolas

In need of a custom pergola? We can help you design exactly what you're looking for. Different colors, sizes, or shapes are no problem. Find the model you want and request a quote on the corresponding form. Questions? Call 800-484-0095.

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What Can Be Customized?

  • Oversize or irregular sized
  • Custom shape
  • Vary spacing between the purlins (less space = more shade)
  • Vary spacing between the rafters
  • Height can be specified
  • Fit to side of home or other structures on multiple sides
  • Support beam made larger to allow a four post structure to span farther
  • More than one color
  • Decorative columns
  • Thinking of something else? Give us a call and see what we can do!

Does Customization Cost Much More?

Not necessarily. Sometimes you simply need a size that isn't included in our standard models. Most of the time, we can build a version of the base model for the size you need. Ask us about this if you're simply needing another size. Obviously, a larger size will cost more, but that's a reflection of additional materials needed more than the cost of customization.

Increased costs can come into play if we have to alter our hardware to accommodate your design. For example, when increasing the height of our fiberglass pergola requires a change to our anchoring system. Some changes to the shape would apply too. If you need a custom angle requiring precise angled cuts, this would also increase the cost.

Some of our pergolas allow for more intricate styling on the columns, and most of these changes will increase the price. For example, columns can be fluted or tapered.

Depending on the permitting requirements where you are, you might incur "soft costs" for engineering on custom designs. Many of our predesigned models already have engineering documents that help with getting permits. For these models, we provide electronic copies of these for free at your request. You might have to have your custom drawings evaluated by an engineer. Costs for this can vary. In many cases, we can use an engineer familiar with our product to keep costs down. Some state and local governments will require a engineer from that state to review the design, which can lead to an increased cost. Please be aware of local permitting laws before you make a purchase.

Custom Attached Fiberglass Pergola

Fiberglass was the ideal choice for this customer, who required thick rafters. It was anchored to pedestals and incorporated into the railing in the background. The result was a unique look on this attached pergola!


Custom Freestanding Fiberglass Two-Toned Pergola on Pedestals

Another custom fiberglass pergola, which took advantage of our color matching for this two-toned pergola on pedestals. Our relationship with one of the largest column manufacturers in the world gives us many options for columns.


Custom Vinyl Attached Pergola

This vinyl pergola was customized to cover the shape of the steps to this patio. Also note how it has been incorporated into the railing.


Custom Freestanding Fiberglass Pergola with Curtains

Here's fairly straightforward and beautiful design for a fiberglass pergola with a custom color and curtains applied.


Custom Attached Vinyl Pergola on Deck with Railing

This customer needed an oversize attached vinyl design to incorporate into his railing. No problem!


Custom Attached Vinyl Pergola on Second Story Deck with Railing

This customer needed the finishing touch for an elevated deck. This attached vinyl pergola was just what they were looking for!


Custom Triangular Fiberglass Pergola

This triangular shaped fiberglass pergola hints at our design capabilities when it comes to covering unique spaces. Don't feel limited by predesigned models!