Finance Our Pergolas

We Are Now Offering Simple Short Term Financing Here At Peaceful Patios!

For years now we have been looking to work with a lender to provide short term financing on our pergolas at reasonable rates. 

Many of our customers would love to purchase a pergola for their home but do not want to spend $25,000 all at a single instant. 

This new short term financing (Four Easy Payments) allows us to help our customers feel even more comfortable with their pergola purchase!

Apply Right Now In Minutes!

How Does It Work?

After a short and simple credit application (going through our secure partnership with Docusign) you will have a decision within 24 - 48 hours. 

This will allow you to break up any pergola purchase on our site in 4 easy payments. Your payments will all be 30 days apart and can be paid by Credit Card, ACH Transfer or by Check. 

  • First payment will be 50% down of purchase price.
  • Second payment will be 20% of purchase price.
  • Third payment will be 20% of purchase price.
  • Fourth payment is final 10% owed on unit!

Does Applying Affect My Credit Score?

Not at all! Checking if you are eligible for our short term financing will never affect your credit score or show up on your credit report as a hard pull!

Can I Pay Back My Short Term Loan Early?

Of Course! We also do not charge any type of prepayment or early penalty fees for paying off your loan before it is due. All payments to be credited same day must be in by 5pm EST or it will be credited the following day!

Am I Eligible To Apply For Credit With Peaceful Patios?

U.S. residents over the age of 18 (or over 19 for Alabama or Nebraska residents) are eligible, provided your identity can be verified.

Is This Safe & Secure?

We handle all your credit application information within Docusign and process all payments over our HTTPS secure transmission when submitting any sort of personal or credit card data!

You Can Apply Today In Less Than 3 Minutes By Clicking This Link!