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Aluminum Motorized Pergolas (Examples, Features & Colors)

Modern Fiberglass Pergola (With Our Owner Explaining The Build)



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What is the main difference between the Aluminum & Fiberglass Pergolas?

  • Our Aluminum Pergolas are our ONLY option with the ability to OPEN & SHUT the louvers. With that being said our Aluminum Units cap out around 110mph so if you need more than that the customer will have to reinforce it to meet higher coded areas (like parts of Florida).
  • Our Fiberglass Pergolas are a FIXED louver position (they do not open or close) but they have a lifetime warranty and can withstand up to 170 mph winds (if upgraded). That makes them allowed for Florida and other coastal cities with just our kits!

Do All Pergolas Come With The Same Accessories / Upgrades?

  • Unfortunately not. Here are the different upgrades that ALL of our Pergolas can do (regardless of materials):
    • Can have height raised or lowered up to 12' and sometimes higher
    • Can make any custom size you want. What is listed on our site is just the most popular options. 
    • Can be ATTACHED or FREESTANDING units
  • Our Aluminum Pergolas can have the following accessories / upgrades:
    • Privacy Screens (Motorized or Manual)
    • Our built in LED Light Package
  • Our Fiberglass Pergolas can be upgraded with:
    • Privacy Slat Wall (need our heavy duty anchors for this)
    • Heavy Duty Anchors (for winds 150MPH+)
    • Ceiling Fan Mount Boxes

Do you offer Free Shipping and No Sales Tax?

  • We can almost always offer free shipping. Every now and then we will get a customer in the upper tip of Washington State (or something similar) and with us shipping from the East Coast that does get tricky. 
  • We try are best to never charge sales tax but there are a few states (mainly California) who are so strict on it and we do so much business in the state that even though we are located in Tennessee we have no choice but to charge sales tax. We apologize for this but it simply has to be done on our end.


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