Policy On Damages During Transit

Policy On Damage During Transit:

At Peaceful Patios, we comprehend that infrequent damage incidents may occur during the shipping process. Our logistics operation partners with renowned third-party delivery providers to ensure our products reach your doorstep securely.

Minor shipping damages, such as scratches on a louver, are relatively uncommon and easily rectifiable. In such instances, we commit to delivering a replacement part.

In the unlikely event of significant damage during transportation, please note that we follow a robust procedure to protect your interests. Each product is securely packed in a fortified wooden crate specifically designed to safeguard our units.

If this crate experiences any form of damage - be it puncture, breakage, or others - the unit is immediately returned to our facilities for comprehensive evaluation and necessary refurbishments.

Rest assured, every unit shipped from our warehouse is covered under a comprehensive insurance policy. Thus, you, as our esteemed customer, will not bear any financial implications for such mishaps.

Addressing Customer Interests:

At Peaceful Patios, our customer's satisfaction and trust are paramount. We have established a comprehensive compensation plan to protect your interests:

  1. Each unit dispatched from our warehouse is insured to ensure that you incur no additional expenses due to significant transit damages.

  2. As an immediate token of our regret for any delays, we extend a $250 credit to you. This gesture is independent of any insurance claims or shipping-related compensations.

  3. We guarantee a priority processing timeline of six weeks for repairing or replacing your unit and shipping it back to you, which is significantly faster than our standard 10-12 weeks timeline. This expedited processing timeline begins on the Monday following the receipt of the damaged unit at our facilities.

Penalty for Delivery Delays:

We hold our promises to our customers in the highest regard. In the unlikely event of a delivery delay exceeding the six-week commitment, our remuneration policy is implemented every Friday as follows:

  1. For the initial two-week period after the promised six-week timeline, we provide compensation of $250 for each week of delay.

  2. Should the delay extend into the subsequent fortnight, the weekly compensation is increased to $500.

  3. Beyond these specified durations, the weekly compensation amount increases by $250 for every two-week block until your unit is successfully delivered.

This payment process is activated every Friday, ensuring a timely resolution to any delay that might occur.

Unlikely Scenario of Repeat Damage:

Should an unfortunate situation arise where your unit sustains severe transit damage a second time, we revise our compensation structure as follows:

  1. An immediate apology credit of $500 to you.

  2. A priority six-week period to refurbish the unit.

  3. Every penalty payment mentioned above for late delivery doubles in value.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: While NO such repeat damage has been reported to date, we believe in thorough preparedness to secure your interests.**

Refund and Chargeback Policy:

We wish to clarify explicitly that Peaceful Patios does not entertain requests for refunds, chargebacks, or resale of any custom-sized, modified, or aluminum pergolas purchased from us. This policy is stipulated in our terms of service and our shipping and returns policies, and is reiterated here for complete clarity.

Despite this, we strive to serve our customers optimally, offering a generous compensation structure for any unforeseen circumstances during transit. Your satisfaction remains our ultimate objective.