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Why buy a pergola?

Nine reasons to buy a pergola:

1. You'll spend more time outdoors.

There's something about enjoying life outdoors that allows us to recharge and relax. A pergola creates an inviting space you'll return to time after time.

2. Pergolas provide shade.

Sometimes partial coverage is all you need. Pergolas can be custom built to provide more or less shade. If you allow plants to grow on your structure, you can create a natural covering. In addition, canopies can be used to add total protection when you want it.

3. Pergolas provide a definite space.

The concept of an outdoor room has taken hold in the last few years. Pergolas can be used to set apart a part of your yard or deck for socializing or relaxing. Together with outdoor fireplaces, ceiling fans, kitchens, hot tubs, fire pits, and sound systems, pergolas can play a large role in shaping an ideal outdoor space.

4. Pergolas increase curb appeal.

Unlike gazebos and pavilions, a pergola is an economical way to enhance your property and increase the value of your home.

5. Installing a pergola is an ideal DIY project.

Most pergolas can be installed without expert help. Whether you order a custom pergola or one of our kits, you should be able to assemble it without any headaches.

6. Pergolas create additional space for plants.

You can allow vines to climb your pergola or create your own hanging garden with potted plants!

7. Pergolas can be built with a variety of materials to meet your needs.

Metal, vinyl, or fiberglass each have their advantages and unique look. Depending on what you need and your budget, we can help your figure out what you need.

8. Pergolas can be attached to other structures.

A skilled architect or designer can incorporate a pergola into your building plans to create a lead in to your home or other outdoor structure, such as a pavilion or pool house. Talk to us about a custom option!

9. Pergolas provide privacy.

Privacy walls and canopies can be used to keep out of sight from nosey neighbors!


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