Shipping and Returns

Order Confirmation:

As soon as we receive your order, we reach out to our suppliers / factories to confirm lead time and expected ship date.  If your item is expected to be delayed we'll reach out to you via e-mail. Pergola lead times (Vinyl & Fiberglass) usually run from two to four weeks from the time the order is placed to the ship date. Lead time is based on your order's being paid and your drawings being signed and returned to us. Custom pergolas or orders placed in peak season (usually February through September) can take longer, and we'll inform of the expected ship date when the order is placed. We will process charges for all orders ahead of time.

Canceling An Order:

Canceling an order within 24 hours will cost nothing more than the 2.9% credit card processing fee we cannot get back from our credit card service provider (if you wire or ACH your payment then this does not apply). 

Canceling anytime after 24 hours will result in at least a 10% administrator & material fee. Almost every pergola is made to order so after the first 24 hours your materials have been ordered and are usually custom sized to your exact project. 

Once our customers confirm the drawings or sign our purchase agreement (usually within a week of purchasing) there will be no way to cancel the order for less than a 30% restocking fee (but this number could vary depending on how custom the project is). 

If a customer wants to cancel an order after Product Inspection Reports (for Aluminum Units) or tracking information has been given the restocking fee will be 40% plus the administration fee of 10% will be added to equal 50% in total fees. 

This would give a maximum of 50% refunded to customer as Peaceful Patios builds all of its units made to order for each individual customer who purchases from us. Custom units are described in more detail below. 

Order Shipment:

We will send you tracking information within 24 - 48 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the e-mail address your provide when checking out. Some units are sent to a main depot where it is then placed on a truck and you get your shipping information directly from the shipping company.  If you do not receive tracking information or shipping notification from us within the lead time we first provided to you, please contact us at

Shipping Delays:

While Peaceful Patios is a growing company we are not large enough to have our own drivers to deliver our products directly from our warehouses / manufactures to our customer. 

Due to this we do hire third party shipping companies and sometimes freight forwarders to deliver your products. If things are delayed, damaged, held up in customs, waiting for paperwork at a transloading facility, etc... those are things that are out of our control. 

We understand frustration with delays but if you use our site and purchase from us you understand that these are things that our out of our control and should not be reflective of our company making quality pergola units!

Pergola Delivery to Residence:

Many of our customers don't have prior experience receiving a freight shipment. It's not difficult as long as you know what to expect. Also note that if this option isn't a good option for you, we offer a good alternative.

Your pergola will arrive in a large truck, and you or someone you appoint (a contractor, for example) must be present to unload the pergola. We recommend having a crowbar, box cutter, and tin snips on hand to open the crate. You and one other person should be able to unload the crate piece by piece in about 15-20 minutes. The individual components are not very heavy. Please note that the driver is not obligated to help unload.

If you have a very long driveway or live on a road that prevents a tractor trailer from maneuvering, please let us know. We can arrange for your pergola to be delivered to a freight terminal near you.

Depending on your location, we offer an unloading service that will unload your pergola for you for an additional charge. For fiberglass pergolas, we include this service with the cost of delivery unless it's unavailable in your area.

Pergola Delivery to Freight Terminal:

The advantage to delivering to a terminal is you don't have to be present. Most terminals will give you a day or two to pick up your shipment. If this appears to be the best option for you, we'll locate the nearest terminal and let you determine if it's close enough to the destination. You should also note that you'll need to arrange for a truck or trailer large enough to transport your pergola home. In some cases, the contractor will pick up the shipment from the terminal, as contractors tend to have trucks capable of moving large shipments.

Pergola Delivery to Commercial Work Site:

If a forklift and loading dock is on site, you should be able to use it to unload the crate all at once. If not, you must unload it in pieces by hand as described above unless White Glove Service is included with the order.


Our products are durable, so receiving damaged parts due to shipping is rare. Please inspect the packaging of your item(s) when they arrive, if you notice any damage you should make note of it when signing for delivery.  If your item(s) do arrived damaged, please send photos to and we will file a claim with the freight carrier and rush the parts you need at no cost to you.

If you do not see any damages and sign off on the paperwork it will make it almost impossible for us to correct damaged parts found at a later date (example: during installation a week later). 


If you need to return an item, you must contact us prior to shipping the item back so we can be sure your item reaches the correct warehouse. Any returned item sent to the incorrect address or without required preauthorization will delay your credit for the return and possibly make you ineligible for the refund.

For returns please reference our Canceling an Order Policy above as the restocking fee will apply to all orders as well an important note below. 


If you receive a completely different pergola than the one you ordered, you may return the product at no cost to you and we will get the correct pergola to you. 

If your order is a standard model (precut fiberglass or vinyl options), and it arrives damaged and cannot be repaired to new condition with new parts we supply for free, you may return the product at no cost to you as we rebuild and make you another unit to ship out to you. 

Returns of standard models (precut fiberglass and vinyl models) for any other reason are subject up to a 30% restocking fee, and the customer is responsible for paying return freight. Items must be in original packaging.

Custom orders or any pergolas that have been trimmed to fit a space different from a standard size are not returnable, as we are unable to resell them.

Choosing colors, adding height, privacy screens, etc... all count as a custom order that makes it much tougher for us to resell. 

It will be at our companies discretion for each custom order to consider a return; but please keep in mind the Canceling an Order section above. 


We accept non-damaged heater and switch/control returns within 30 days of delivery. No questions asked.

Refund and Chargeback Policy:

We wish to clarify explicitly that Peaceful Patios does not entertain requests for refunds, chargebacks, or resale of any custom-sized, modified, or aluminum pergolas purchased from us. This policy is stipulated in our terms of service and our shipping and returns policies, and is reiterated here for complete clarity.

Despite this, we strive to serve our customers optimally, offering a generous compensation structure for any unforeseen circumstances during transit. Your satisfaction remains our ultimate objective.